WMS-Setup is a setup wizard to configure Mobostick™ and Wireless Media Stick™ manufactured by Home ServerTechnologies Inc. (HSTI).
Both sticks work well in a Linux only environment, even the sticks provide setup wizards for MS Windows™ and for Mac OS™ only.

WMS-Setup was mainly intended for Linux users who do not want to struggle with the console or find the manual ACSII to HEX conversation not convenient. The usage itself is similar to the wizards provided with the sticks. Except, the configuration with WMS-Setup is done in fewer steps.


* no installation is needed (Java runtime is required)
* all configuration settings supported
* intuitive and simple to use user interface

More information about the sticks itself you can find on the manufacturer website:

source repository: https://github.com/SubOptimal/WMS-Setup